It’s Day 28 of our 30 Days In May Challenge: Zooseum!

If you go down to the museum this week you’re in for a big surprise! On entering the main Zooseum room I’m greeted with an activity sheet for the tots and for the juniors to complete on their way around on the Museum’s trail.
I’ve met Clunk the Eurasian Eagle Owl who’s the largest of the bunch… he’s 26 years old already and can live up to around 50 in captivity… the oldest known is around 86! Wow!

Owlbert is the tiniest and cutest here, she is a White Based Owl who is 10 years and they live up to around 12 maximum.

Harry the Harris Hawk was sitting silently at the back watching everything like a hawk, of course, he is the most vicious of the bunch and he’s a big one. He is the teenager of the bunch and can’t to the raptor centre as a rescue bird and is capable of catch large rabbits for his lunch.

Rimmel is the traditional owl we all know. He is a Grey Tawned Owl and is about 12 years old. Before he was born his egg was cracked therefore to rescue him they used Rimmel to mend it… now look at him.

Honey is a rescued Barn Owl. She sits there quietly looking around and taking everything in… did you know that she can heart best of a mouse from 25m. So if you’re a mouse. Look out!

All the owls cannot move their eyes and that is why they are capable of rotating their heads 270 degrees!

The Raptor centre is located just outside St Ives. They’ve been there for over 20 years where they rescue and rehabilitate birds of prey. They have over 200 birds in their collection to go and see. They also have a wild bird of prey hospital where they are treated and then let back out in the wild.

Around the rest of the Museum and you’ll find lots about their natural history collection as you follow a trail to find butterflies, sea creatures and learn a bit about plastic and pollution.

Live animals are taking over the museum this May half term!

Meet amazing birds of prey! Discover fun facts from the people who look after them, plus uncover secrets of the museum’s natural history collection and how they can help us to look after wildlife today.

Zooseum is on from today until 31st May from 10am until 3pm.

Entry is £3 per child | £4 adults | £12 families | and Under 5s are free.

Please note:
Children to be accompanied by an adult.
Last entry to Zooseum event 2pm.
Free entry to the museum after 3pm.

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