Get out of the dull grey rainy weather and brighten yourself up with a meal and place filled with sunshine.

I’d never been into Nick Rutta’s Afro-Caribbean place along Cowgate to eat purely because I was scared that I wasn’t going to like his food because I can’t handle ‘hot’ food. However, passing today we saw that it was quiet, so today was the day to try. We had a long conversation about food and asked for ‘no heat’ in the meal. “No problem at all he says!”

Nick gets his kitchen staff to rustle up some chicken wraps (not jerk obviously) which arrive brimming full of fluffy yellow rice, and pieces of chicken which were full of flavour! In fact, they were so large, we could have shared, but didn’t! (lol) My husband decided to be bold and try some Jerk chicken so he added some on the side. He found out it was okay and found it wasn’t tooooo hot and liked it (lol). Me? I opted for a side of the ‘fried plantain’ (a cooking banana with less sugars than a normal banana). I’d had this over 30 years ago when visiting Grand Cayman and enjoyed it but hadn’t actually seen it anywhere. They are soft, sweet and again a large portion. This makes a nice aftermeal dish – a dessert – how gorgeously sweet they are. Yum.

Nick, who has been a chef for years and years, originally opened Embe Soul Food years ago when Peterborough had a market area, it did really well so he ventured into the old Topo Gigio premises on Cowgate and hasn’t looked back. Why ‘Embe’? It’s the Swahili word for a mango – a fruit that often features within much of Nick’s cooking because of its versatility. Inside the restaurant you’re hit with a bright orange (you may need your summer sunglasses on) and gives you a warm feel with worn-painted tables, corresponding bright artwork and twinkly lights on the walls. Bob Marley and other reggae music along with a bit of jazz plays and you’ve been transported!

If you get the chance to see upstairs, there’s a great area ideal for private events. It has its own bar area, has ample room for family gatherings, it’s still as colourful as downstairs – basically, it’s a lovely space out of the way of the main restaurant hustle and bustle.

Nick joined our #LoveLocal#ShopLocal scheme so is offering anyone with our membership card a discount on their meal, evening or lunchtime. So if you’ve not got one, it’s time to!!!! I used mine today! Whoop, every little saving counts. We’ll be coming back again.

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