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We Love Peterborough is a well-known local brand within the Peterborough area. Since our humble beginning on 15th April 2014, we have gone from strength to strength – a great achievement for small independently-run Peterborough business, don’t you think?


Our audience of followers love to hear about what’s going on around the city they live in, for example the launch of  new shops, the opening of new places to eat and, of course, events around the city they can go to, either paid or free. Whether it’s a small festival in the suburbs like Paston or Orton or a big event in Cathedral Square, they want to know.


They are also interested in local businesses with their offers, promotions and ways to save money that is beneficial to them as singles, couples or families.

Celebrating 10 years

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Could Your Business Be Benefiting:

  • Are you in the food business?
  • Do you offer a service to homes and the public?
  • Do you hold events?
  • Have you got a great offer running at the moment?
  • Do you do something great for the community?

If you do, it’s time to shout about it to our followers to get noticed! See our advertising ideas below.

Here are the last quarter’s figures from our platforms up to April 2024:

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What Can We Love Peterborough Offer?

Our Social Media is KING! Just look at our followers:

Our social followers are what keep us going, keep us positive and keep us happy. We love them, and they love the news that we spread.

Join in and get your business or event in front of thousands of our followers with a Social Media post.

We offer single posts, packaged posts or video/carousel posts depending on what you want to share with them.

Keeping you up to date with Events in a Weekly Newsletter:

Our newsletter lands in the email boxes of our subscribers every Sunday morning. It tells them about what is happening during the week ahead; whether it’s a school fete, an activity or a city wide project.

If you’d like to have your event promoted to them in advance of your event’s date, we offer packages with 4 pre-event ads or spread across a year if it’s a seasonal thing. Ads are not restricted to events Why not sign up so you know what’s happening for the week? 

Sharing the LOVE on YOUR SMALL Businesses:

The #LoveLocal#ShopLocal discount card was set up in 2023 and is Peterborough’s ONLY discount card promoting Peterborough’s local, small or independent businesses. It’s FREE to join when you give an exclusive deal to our card members like money off a certain product, % off a complete order, giving a freebie, or something totally unique.

Join our listing of over 70 businesses collaborating with us. Don’t forget to join as a member too and start saving.

Main Website Listings for your business are FREE if you are:

Our listings are in alphabetical order for ease of finding everything, however, if you want your business to stand out we can arrange an advertising spot at the top so you’re seen first. All listings offer visitors and residents alike, instant choice and ideas on what they can do and where they can go while here.