I was invited along to try out Black Sheep Coffee which has just opened in the centre of Queensgate in Peterborough today, a franchise which is being run by Peterborough family Ajay, Nicky and Amar.

The first thing to note is that it’s a self ordering system. Simply go to your nearest vacant screen (there are 3 at each entrance) scroll through huge choice of coffee, cold drinks, milkshakes, waffles, bagels, breakfast buns, desserts and much more from the ordering screen, pay by card and then you just wait for your order to be called. You collect it from the ‘’Pick Up’ point. There is less queuing to order, however it does mean there are more people hovering as they await their order. The staff are on their first day today and all smiles when though busy due to their location. I decided to try a bagel and a small Cortado decaf which I ordered over the counter.

They are using their own coffee brand, of which you can buy ground or capsules to take and use at home. The coffee is not bitter, it’s quite a light coffee taste when decaf. Off you want something extra strong go for their Robusta! But be warned.

The bagel was lovely, not what I ordered as it was the Salt Beef, cheese and gherkin instead of the Salmon and cream cheese, but… it was a nice change…filling, soft with a top crunch from toasting and tasty.

I placed an extra order was placed which was for a standard Cortado, a cream cheese and salmon bagel and a Norwegian Nutella and banana waffle just to see how the whole process worked all coming to just over £15 . Waffle was warm, gooey, and definitely reached a sweet tooth.

My Verdict?
A nice tasty coffee and food, great location. A bit expensive.

Also had chance to catch a photo of Romony and Ephron having a photoshoot from POSH

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