Wow, what more can I say, than, “That was absolutely delicious!”

I’ve just come back from an afternoon tea treat with my ‘DIGESTIVELY-CHALLENGED’ family members and it was a complete success. The Great Northern Hotel create afternoon teas like most other hotels do, but before you sign off with no interest, theirs have a BIG difference… GLUTEN-FREE / COELIACS / DIABETICS / MEN please read on… ! Your table awaits in the 1852 Restaurant for something you’ve probably dreamed of and more. So, let’s start the ball rolling on this glorious afternoon delight…

If you’re a MAN you may not have the sweetest tooth in the world, if you do, that’s okay you can stick with traditional one, but if you are not then let us just whet your appetite as your ‘MANLY’ treat will be a wooden board filled with some wonderfully savoury delights starting off with a bottle of GrainStore Brewery beer! Accompanied with your drink are a nice couple of slices of toasted rarebit, a pork pie and a scotch egg treat, a ramekin of pickles and olives, you’ll still get a few dainty sandwiches (cheese & pickle, ham & mustard, salmon and cucumber, egg mayonnaise) which will be gone in a few bites no doubt, and also a few sweet items for you including some mango shortbread, a piece of fruit cake and a pot of grapes. How about that? It looks amazing when it’s brought out and will definitely be a treat for Dad on FATHER’S DAY this coming June 17th. (ideas kids)… husband’s response: “10/10 – the best I’ve had. It will take a lot of beating! Also, being diabetic this was a huge treat to receive – Thank you.”

Moving on to being GLUTEN-FREE, which really is no fun at all in most restaurants, especially when you have a high intolerance. Therefore, an afternoon tea is usually something to avoid at all costs as to be fair there’s a lot of wheat, oats, etc., going on… but the Great Northern Hotel did it again offering a Gluten-Free alternative that really does look the part and you’d never know the difference. On the 3 tiers were 2 generously filled gluten-free rolls (cheese & pickle/Salmon & cream cheese), a small fruit scone and a small plain scone with clotted cream, a pannacotta in a glass, a slice of Madeira cake, a small macaron and a couple of pieces of chocolate brownie cake. They are extremely conscious of cross-contamination so you can be assured that you are safe eating here…..mother’s response: “A lovely treat with nice food and the quantity is more than ample.” – She didn’t eat it all as she has a small appetite.

And then mine. Well luckily I don’t have diabetes or have an intolerance and I’m not a man with a savoury tooth. So, let me lose on the traditional Afternoon Tea I can’t wait…. 4 finger sandwiches of cheese & pickle, ham & mustard, salmon & cream cheese, egg mayonnaise, 2 small scones (plain and fruit) with jam and clotted cream, a pannacotta dessert, a small lemon curd tartlet, a strawberry macaron with chocolate ganache and some chocolate brownie. Phew! The question is, did I manage to eat it all… NO! To my own surprise, I was full and couldn’t manage it all. My favourites were the scones, small enough to nibble but large enough to fill you. The lemon curd tartlet, gone in 2 bites took me back to my childhood – deliciously lemony and the macaron was gooey-ly chocolately. “I’d definitely recommend this as a wonderful treat – it’s pretty, it’s filling and it’s just delightful. Thanks.”

So when should you take up this treat.. one idea is good old Valentine’s coming up where a lot of the time it’s geared aroud the women, but if you opt for this Afternoon Tea treat for couples your man could have a lovely treat just for him too….the Traditional Afternoon Tea for the girls and the Man’s Afternoon Tea for the boys. It’s a brilliant idea, don’t you think?

The 1852 Restaraunt is a beautiful traditional setting too as it has been redecorated and given a modern touch in a slate blue and grey with music in the background. There’s parking onsite and it’s easily accessible from the town centre being positioned next to the station. Definitely a place for a little or big treat, depending on how you look at it. Worth the money at £14.95  per person? Yes absolutely! You need to book so they can prepare and ensure they have a table, midweek will be quietest but I suggest booking early for Father’s Day or your Valentine’s treat or any treat really.

For bookings telephone: 01733 850811. or visit

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