On Facebook I happened to see an offer at Prèvost for their lunchtime menu and as I’ve never dined there before, I thought this was the chance to see exactly what it was like. So booked our table online last week for today.

On arriving at 12 we were greeted with a smile and then seated next to the window in the corner. (There was one other occupied table). the position was great as we could also get a glimpse of the herb and flower garden outside. 

The 3 course set menu ‘Lunch For Less’ at £20 per person was already on the table. However, we had an offer on top of that for August which is 2 for £30 (check out their social media page).

We ordered two homemade bread portions, an option of an alternative dessert as a diabetic request and then ordered drinks.

One Diet Coke and I opted for a mocktail: ‘Orange Twister’ which was served long, it was cool and sweet with a hit. (Orange juice, caramel and a spicy plum syrup) definitely with a try. (£7)

Our starters came after around 5 mins…
Kohlrabi soup with apple, cucumber and lovage. Served cold this was a bit of a surprise for us. It tasted a bit like celery. I personally didn’t like it, but Hubbie thought it was delicious and finished mine too.

The main came out which looked amazing divided in the plate. A large piece of Lamb rump and breast served with potato purée, braised fennel with pesto, small skinned tomatoes and a soft cheese and a pouring sauce. We’ve both never eaten meat as tender as this… absolutely divine. Enhanced by the sauce. The fennel I passed over.

Dessert to die for… as a large sugared pink choux bun was placed down in front of me. It was amply filled with mixed summer berries with a smooth white chocolate and a cold raspberry sorbet to tantalise the tastebuds in the middle. The alternative dessert was a bowl of fresh cut berries. Both delicious.

As we waited for the bill we sat in the seating/waiting area. I spoke to Lee who advised that lunchtimes are starting to get quite busy. In fact, on leaving, the restaurant now had 6 tables occupied. The bill arrived with 2 lovely handmade chocolates as an after lunch treat.

3 courses, 2 bread & butter, 1 soft drink & 1 mocktail = £45.50

It was a pleasant meal that didn’t leave you hungry. Every dish was brought out to us and presented with all the ingredients by a different member of the kitchen. All the staff were smiley and attentive. The dining room is large and spacious with a nice relaxing area near the bar and entrance. It’s chic and modern in a traditional building setting. Even the loos look nice.

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