Rinaldo is back on Cowgate and guess what? There’s not just one toilet, now there’s three!

Speaking to Rinaldo as I got an advance #SneakPeek of his newly renovated restaurant the Pizza House in Cowgate, he said this is where it all started, all those years ago. It’s always been in the family, and always will. The loss of his brother brought him back to his roots and took it back over.

It was just by chance that the premises next door came up for rent and he took the chance. He has renovated completely throughout and it looks amazing already.

To be fair they (Hilljet) still have a little bit of work going on today and tomorrow, but the Pizza House will open for business on Monday at 11 o’clock.

So if you’re an old fan you’re going to be in for a lovely surprise and if you’re a Newby then why not going to see what’s changed and have a look.

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