What a creatively therapeutic morning!

I spied this special offer over on Instagram a month back and thought what a great present for me and my husband to do together and how right I was!

This morning we travelled over to Kings Cliff to the pottery studio of Potterydayz and were greeted by Richard, our master potter, another couple; Juliet and Dion.. and not forgetting the resident cat and a cup of coffee.

Richard’s expertise is amazingly quick, not like us beginners, at the three basics on centralising, opening and lifting. He gives you slow instructions with his demonstrations to get you on your way with your own wheel to play on.

It looks so easy, especially after watching weeks on The Great British Pottery Throwdown! Alas, it’s not quite as easy as it looks; arms in – speed up – water here and there – remove the water – delicately on and delicately off as one quick move and it’s destroyed before your eyes, but it’s so much fun.

Richard guides you into getting the right techniques.. clay after clay as you try to learn by your mistakes. I failed on two attempts with one coming in half lol and the other ending up a wibbly wobbly mess… it’s all in the learning… and then with a bit of help you’ve got something. It’s time to stop and finish off.

It’s hard work but relaxing, it’s draining but exhilarating, it’s dirty (very dirty) but you don’t care! After you’ve pushed, squeezed, pulled, you eventually get your vase, jug, bowl or whatever your creation looks nearest to…😳, you obviously feel very proud.

The workshops are 2 hours give or take, and no rush to get you out the door when you’ve finished. It’s a great experience whether you do the experience with a partner, friends or on your own. I’ll be picking my half-vase up
In a few weeks to glaze it.

Thanks Richard for a great morning.

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For more info/booking yourself: https://www.facebook.com/Potterydayz/

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