Places to eat in Peterborough - Coyotes Bar & Grill

What a treat today as finally I get a FIRST LOOK at the finished Coyotes Bar & Grill in town located behind the market and I have to say it’s looking gooood. . I spoke with John, a born and bred Peterboroughian, about what him and his partner Neil have planned for you all and it sounds great.

One of the first thing’s you’ll notice when you go in is Old Humphrey Bogart sitting proudly on the wall watching over the coffee machines and greets you when you come in, but look up and you’ve got a sky of red, white and blue stars.

So what can you get? Aiming to cater for all ages they are making a full offering to cover every angle. They will be opening from 8am in the mornings so you can join them for a full American themed breakfast, waffles, pancakes, tea and coffees up to 11am when they will swap over to their lunch menu – great for anyone that works in or is coming into town in the daytime. The restaurant will close at 3pm and then reopen at 5.30pm when they can cater for early evening diners as well as diners later on. A full range of beers, spirits and cocktails will be on offer as you’d expect. They are going to be open 7 days a week, so there will be plenty of chance to get a booking and see the place so you can sample their American themed delights which will be on offer.

As well as being a restaurant and bar, their main aim is as an entertainment venue. There will be lots of great live music for you to enjoy, theme nights and other live entertainment. Before COVID they had planned on the large dance floor to entice you in, however due to restrictions they are using this space currently to sit you down, socially distanced, to eat, which is what it’s all about at the moment anyway – having a new, very different, great place to eat out in Peterborough.

Where’s the name come from? Well guess what one of John’s favouite film is…You guessed it, Coyote Ugly! They are working along that theme of something a bit wild and exciting, but won’t be having dancers on their newly created bar top (lovingly painted by Street Arts Hire) and it does look amazing with the American logos over it as well as the curved seating with the bald eagle. However, the food serving area is low enough to dance on, so watch out for those dancers!! They want it to be fun, safe and entertaining for everyone of all ages, so don’t be suprised what you get on a night out. After all their strapline is Eat – Drink – Dance – Laugh.

There’s plenty of seating around from group table and chairs on New Road side of which the full window area will open up fully ready for the summertime or during Covid, if necessary, while on the Northminster side you’ve got some great large red booth seating for your comfy cappuccinos and chats. On the dance floor you”ll find more tables and chairs so you’ve ample choice.

p.s. They are still looking for bar and waiting staff if anyone is looking for a job.

Their official opening is Saturday, where you will be entertained by local band Children of the Revolution UK. So we wish them all the luck with their new venture, it looks fab and we’re sure it will be a great success for Peterborough.

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Places to eat in Peterborough - Coyotes Bar & Grill

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