We were invited to go and try out Higgsy’s in their new second location. Last November saw the opening of ‘The Hatch’ down on London Road at Norman Cross and has been so popular with the locals that they wanted to bring it into the centre. So their second outlet is now at Glo-golf, where it opened last week.

Run by Adam and Amber, I asked why burgers? The simple answer was that Adam wanted to create something he liked eating and the idea of high quality burgers was the way forward rather than plain offerings from other outlets like cheeseburgers and quarterpounders etc.
Their best seller is ‘The Redneck’. It’s a double whammy of freshly made steak patties mashed with onion before cooking, but that’s not all it comes surrounded with…. tasty beef frankfurter at the bottom and crispy bacon rashers on the top, including cheese. Certainly very filling and the patties were quality meat! £8.95

Adam had tasted the bacon at a restaurant he visited, liked it so much he found out who the supplier was so it could be added it to their recipes. He wants to make sure that what he serves up is the best tasting that he enjoys too.

‘The Rooster’ comes with 2 succulent chicken breasts with a southern crispy coating. The chicken really was tender making a difference to the whole taste of it. Enhanced by gooey melted cheese, a mix of mozzarella in one layer and cheddar in another making it flavoursome, a large tomato slice served in a sweet brioche bun. No sauce needed as there was no dry texture whatsoever. £8.95

The burgers, definitely American diner style…I will warn you, are BIG because they are doubles… I’d advise don’t have your lunch or share with a friend unless you’ve got a monster appetite.

The table next to us decided to take on ‘The General Lee’ which is 4 main event burgers over skin on fries which comes on a bin lid ready for you to tuck in one by one as a group of four. £44.

Eating only half my chicken burger (yes true) I couldn’t resist trying one of the desserts which had caught my eye… ‘Deep Fried Oreos’. I chose the original Oreo, but there’s a choice of strawberry or raspberry (usually caramel but they are hard to get hold of at the moment).

Those popular American chocolate Oreo biscuits are encased in a sweet batter before cooking, dusted with icing sugar, chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream. Yes, yes, I know the calories but these are totally unmissable… taste similar to a doughnut, crunchy sweet and delicious! £4.95. Amber served up 4 Oreos as we were sharing. A single portion has 3 of the little delightfuls which is more than enough and yes I did share!!!

What about the business name Higgsy’s? It’s in honour of Amber’s late Dad. His nickname Higgsy from his surname Higgs.…Fabulous idea. ⭐️

If you want to try, you can go into Glo-golf just to eat and drink, it’s not compulsory to play… Higgsy’s is open every day except Monday and also offer delivery through JustEat and the Foodhub. You can also collect and take home to reheat later in the day (by oven).

Like any burger, you can’t flower it up with a healthy sticker, but as a once in a while treat with no rubbish ingredients, you’ll definitely enjoy the quality steak and chicken. No doubt tomorrow I’ll need to do an early morning run, rather than a walk. Lol 😂

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