Visiting places in Peterborough: For FREE!

It’s not always the inside/interior of places to visit which can be stunning….today I took a walk around in the lovely grounds and looked out for the things we would normally overlook or miss. Taking time to stroll and notice what is above or below eye-level does give some surprising results. I love being around the Cathedral as it’s so central and easy to get to.. so why not start here?

A look in the cloisters revealed wonderful masonry carvings all around arches, doorways and on the walls. Cobbled paths of times gone by that we walk on today but take no notice of. Moss ridden graves with fantastic detailed engravings of people long gone. Getting close to the stonework of the Cathedral itself and looking up. Stained glass windows catching the light and ‘the crooked window’-always makes me wonder what happened. I even spied the snowdrops that we’re starting to come out around the gravestones.

Next time you want to spend some time a little differently and take a walk around Peterborough Cathedral with your camera, you might surprise yourself.

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