Gareth and his family have just opened their independent cafè on Cathedral Square… Bean Around.

It’s that green shop that you were all wondering about in the main square. It’s great that rather than an empty space we have independent business people wanting to provide great things for Peterborough.

The decor and seating is relaxed with big soft red armchairs as well as bench seats and tables… a subtle red, white and green flows through the cafè, and don’t forget to look up at their lovely Sicily coastline and Etna ceiling mural.

The family have opened their very first coffee house and it’s all about Sicily… you’ll find a whole row of Sicilian goodies for you to try… today you can have some wonderful savouries: Arancini ragu, Arancini with ham and cheese, Arancini with spinach and mozzarella and also mini calzone so you won’t go hungry. Why Sicily? Because this is the first of, hopefully, others to come with different themes and his wife, Giusi’s family is Sicilian…. so where better to start?

Some sweet choices are Raspberry and pistachio frangipani, clementine tart, vegan chocolate orange tart, rustic sultana scones, chocolate doughnuts, sugar ring doughnuts, double chocolate muffins, blueberry tulip muffin, vegan blueberry croissant, and teacakes. Their Danish pastries are either large or ‘minion’ small with a deal of 3 for £3 when eaten in.

They are fully biodegradable on their takeaway merchandise with some beautiful cups that you probably won’t want to throw away… by Biopak.

They have their own coffee beans which they’ve had made from their own choice of flavourings and there’s also a good Peruvian decaf. we tried both today, they were creamy and sweet.

As well as your traditional Italian coffees in a range of sizes, small, regular and large, you’ll get chai latte, turmeric latte, milkshakes, iced drinks, hot chocolates both dark and milk and breakfast teas. There’s also a space in the window… the Ice creams will come later…

They are still feeling their feet with technology and machinery as it’s their very first day, so be patient.

So, if you’d like a nice family welcome, a nice view of Cathedral Square, and somewhere new to try… why not go to Bean Around and meet Gareth, Giusi, Deborah, Maggie, Claudia and Jason.

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