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There’s a little hidden gem that you need to know about situated at Orton Southgate which will fill your belly with goodies galore whether eating in or delivered to home.

Dorinda started her Gaze & Graze business back in February working from home with her little one Noah. She offered takeaway boxes of food that you can basically pick on all day long. Lockdown came and instead of her businesses taking a step back it took a step up. Deliveries to homes were flying out her door. Dorinda moved to out-of-home premises to keep up with demand and now works out of a unit in Culley Court at Orton Southgate.

Her small business looks fab. There’s a counter where Dorinda creates all the food boxes ready for collection and 2 tables set up for anyone that would like to eat in. With only seating for 8 people in total it gives people who are a little dubious about eating out, some security in not being swamped with people around them.

Dorinda came up with the idea as her heritage is from South Africa where they have taken on an Australia idea of graze eating – boards of food which people pick at during their stay in a restaurant. Her creation is grazing boxes of all kinds and for every taste. We visited her today and for a change went for some savoury options. The ‘DIY Savoury Graze Box’ includes a selection of 10 items for £20. The box is huge and definitely a sharer between 2 or 3 of you. Our idea today was that we’d have our own box and have this for both lunch and dinner today… Only ate less than half today! It’s also a great idea for business meetings – you could do savoury and sweet. Her ideas are endless as this box can be filled with all things sweet it’s called the ‘Boujee Brunch Grazing Box’ and comes with fresh fruit including strawberries, blueberries, grapes and raspberries – that’s the healthy bit! along with 2 pots of chocolate chip granola & fresh Greek yoghurt, milk & white chocolate buttons, a choice of pancakes or waffles AND 2 toppings of your choice from caramel, chocolate, honey, peanut butter or strawberry jam. Wow – so needless to say because in my house it’s only me that eats sweet things – I would not be able to manage this all on my own – that’s why I opted for the savoury today. (Can’t wait to order one though for a weekend treat) 🙂

Dorinda creates all these boxes on the day so I’d already given her my order of items the day before so that she could be already prepared for our arrival. It takes around 10-25 minutes to get everything ready and it’s not just plonked on, you’ll be presented with a beautifully placed out graze box of food like a work of art.

So, what’s in the boxes?
My choice in box 1:  Milano Salami, Proscuitto, Honey Roast Ham, Chicken Slices, Multigrain Crackers, Wensleydale & Cranberry cheese, Cheddar cheese, Caramelised Onion Chutney, Strawberries & Grapes.
Box 2: Pork Pie, Stilton, Milano Salami, Chorizo, Cocktail Sausages, Honey Roast Ham, Green Pitted Olives, Garlic Crackers, Hummus and Strawberries.
Phew! It really is a box and a half. Hopefully, the comparison to a tea plate and fork will give you some perspective on how large this box actually is. It could feed an army (well nearly)!

Now if the Graze Box is too big or you’re thinking of something smaller, it’s not a problem as Dorinda does a ‘Lunch Munch Mini’ – this is stilled filled to the brim but it’s a smaller box at a cost of just £5 – ideal for a working lunch (hint hint to those businesses nearby) or maybe even kid’s parties. The idea list really is endless.

What else does she offer? LOTS!
Kiddies Brunch at £17 – Pancakes & Pastries at £20 – Retro Sweets at £20 – Chocolate Lover’s Dream at £20 and an Afternoon Tea at just £12. If you just fancy some breakfast waffles as a start to the day these are £6 and you can get some delicious normal-sized cakes: Homemade Brownie (mum’s recipe – thanks mum there were melt in the mouth), Blueberry Muffin or Chocolate Muffin each at £2. She serves up a selection of hot and cold drinks including a nice Lavazza espresso! Her food is a welcome addition to the industrial area she is in which is serving those working around her and much more. She’s even had orders as far away as Hunstanton…because do you know what???? She creates Grazing Tables at home! OMG you really do need to see the photos on these ones. She’s getting really booked up – so far up to Xmas and is taking orders already for 2021. So if you’ve got a celebration coming up with family, this is the ideal idea.

Thinking about the future, Dorinda really is going to get busier. She’s going to be available for eat in or takeaway from Wednesdsay to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and for delivery Saturday’s only from 10am to 12pm. As a bright entrepreneur she’s thinking up new things all the time and is already working on creating both vegetarian and vegan grazers as well as a gluten-free option. Coming up will be her brand new ‘Smoothie Bowl’ which looks so so pretty and colourful…filled with granola, yoghurt, fruits and seeds – you may not even want to eat it!

We came away EXTREMELY full after sitting quite happily in the restaurant area, no queues, no squashing…and definitely looking forward to an evening snack tonight! At least I don’t need to think about cooking any dinner. ha ha.

Best of luck to Dorinda and we’ll be back to the sweet stuff very soon!

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