Day 3 of 30 Days In May Challenge: Fly!

My husband received a wonderful surprise Christmas present which was to have a flying lesson. So, we travelled all the way to Stansted Airport… actually, we didn’t, we just drove up the road to Orton Southgate!

Jet Sim School moved to Orton from Sibson Airfield last year. Their Boeing 737-800 simulator has been built on an extremely high spec which bridges the gap between entertainment simulation and those which are actually used for pilots. The simulation is very realistic with all systems and flight dynamics modelled and operational. Specific airline controls can be switched on or off as required depending on what you need out of your flight. The first flight simulation is based on 30 minutes… I bought this as a gift and it came in a lovely wallet with a confirmation of what you’d get.

So how did my husband get on?

On entering the front office 15 minutes prior to the booking time, a little less than you need for Ryanair!,  you need to check-in at the check-in desk, of which you are then asked to sit patiently in the waiting area before your turn.

Training then commences with your trainer. Full details are gone through to explain the cockpit equipment that you will be using. It’s complicated but self-explanatory once you understand what you’re looking at which, to start with, is one dial. Altitude and speed, wing leveling, nose leveling and of course how to control the yoke. Pushing up and down which controls the nose as well as swinging left and right and there are pedals too. It’s all exciting but serious stuff. You really get to understand how difficult it is and what pilots do.. and this just the start.

You’re up and in the cockpit as you start your first lesson. Strapped in, headset on, passengers seated (me), it’s very realistic while you sit on the runway at Stansted Airport…and the training begins.

Everything takes time to get used to the feel of it with the force of the controls but you’re trained all the way, from start to finish. Racing along the runway, nose up, and we’re away in the air. The simulator takes you rapidly past the scenery and up into the clouds. You fly around and it’s time to return to the airport and do your first landing. You have to keep your eye on everything – not too high, not too low, slow down, speed up, altitude… but no sooner had we landed than we were taking off again for another spin. This time it was night time and a touch of bad weather.

All change, the cockpits all dark and outside is pitch black, no point looking out the window at all as you can’t see where you’re going – you’re using your instruments and navigation system only – it’s a test of everything you’ve learned. A bit of flying around again to get your eyes used to it and we are directed back to Stansted for our home landing…100% concentration with the landing strip coming in to view very rapidly. Did I say very rapidly… slow down, speed up, we go through it all again but in the dark. We landed successfully I’m glad to say and unbuckled.

It’s a great experience for anyone, even if you’re a viewer. There’s seating in cabin for any guests you have with you and they can watch the action on a screen to be kept entertained. The funny thing is that you think you’re moving up, down, right, left etc., when in fact the simulator is static! Definitely worth trying, definitely worth giving as a great present for anything.

On offer with Jet Sim School are flight simulations of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes, pilot training, fear of flying courses and corporate events.

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