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Take the **FIRST LOOK*** at Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre’s new outdoor play area….

The ribbon was cut today (Friday 23rd October) by Jane Scriven who is the chair of trustees from the William Scott Abbott Trust. She is so pleased that Sacrewell can now offer such a wonderful adventure area for children to play in as well as exploring the rest of the park.
Ticket sales for the area will be available shortly, it’s not quite finished today due to the bad weather, which means that it will be socially controlled with not too many children in one go. (Tickets are available for mornings or afternoons.)
Playground builder’s Eibe ( @eibeplayltd ) Paul, Ben & Gary plus the rest of their team have been beavering away doing all the last minute finishing touches. They even tested it out, so there’s plenty of room for parents if you need to accompany your child. Their favourite spot is the combine harvester creation which includes a sandpit fir soft landing jumps on and off.
It’s a huge area just for kids with a great zone for tots with bright bumble bees, mice and a cheese maze on artificial grass in green, purple and yellow, right up to juniors and bigger kids on the over path rope walkways and towers that has a soft safety bark flooring.
There’s a unique area with a bonded mulch colourful flooring (it’s spongy) with mini trampoline flowers and a wheelchair roundabout – where the ground is level in this area for easy access.
The lower end has a huge colourful combine harvester with a sandpit area around it. The kids are going to love it.
What else can you go on?
There’s a stand up see-saw, a tractor with trailers area, educational mazes and games included within the walkways to play and learn, you can climb over to a wood hideaway, (just like me, Councillor Steve Allen just wouldn’t follow 😉) and there is even a double zip wire going up so you can race each other.
This is going to be a big boost to your kids’ day out at Sacrewell when they come for other areas. I’m sure they are going think it’s wonderful and not want to go home!
I’m definitely feeling envious as it’s very different from the witches hat, rocking horse and slides from my day. 😉
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Adventure At Sacrewell - We Love Peterborough

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