From sushi to marshmallows the 2020 World Buffet has opened its doors today after cancelled last nights press night.

Paul and Basan are obviously pleased that they get to finally launch the restaurant but are very saddened by everything going around us at the present time. To ensure they are following Government guidelines they are restricting numbers in the restaurant to a maximum.

I popped in at around 5.30pm to see how it was going… Be assured that where you dine is well within the necessary space for distance as the restaurant is huge. Take your pick. It holds up to 380 seats at full capacity with a private dining room upstairs.

Not much has had to change as the layout is the same as Jimmys was but the decor and lighting do look really good.

The chefs are enthusiastic with their dishes which was very tempting tonight… we start with Indian cuisine working young to Chinese & Thai, enter into the world of pizzas, you can even grab some delicious looking sushi.

To finish it all off you can help yourself to some mini desserts for that sweet tooth or dive in to the chocolate fountain with fluffy pink and white marshmallows. I couldn’t resist one, could I?

Under guidelines they will stay open as long as they are allowed. Let’s wish them luck and hope this fiasco of a situation is over soon.

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