Five Guys is open

It’s busy today as Five Guys open their doors to us in Peterborough town centre.

I spoke to Rosa and Odete, the Managers, who are all over the shop floor making sure everything is cleaned up, tidy, and have happy customers… food is prepared fresh every day on the premises (not frozen) they are both ecstatic with how busy they are.

Up to the counter and Elizabeth served us at the till. We chose a Five Guys Cheeseburger which is a double patty – so be warned… !! If that’s too much simply can opt for the ‘little’ burger which is just one. What’s unique here is that you can add any range of toppings from the list making it ‘your’ burger. I’ve added mushrooms, fried onions, lettuce and tomato in a bun.

Our Cheese Dog is a medium-sized, opened up hot dog in a long soft bun and we added lettuce, onions and tomato.

We also opted to try Five Guys chips which are skinny skin-on fries from this week’s farm producers Wood Farm in Cheshire.

The burgers are not cheap starting at £6.95 BUT it’s the size that counts so opt for a smaller singular burger (from £4.75) if you can’t handle the double whammy.

Verdict: fast service, easy menu, tasty food. But I’ll let you decide!

!!Warning: there are peanuts in the foyer to take for free, if you have a nut allergy please be aware.

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Five Guys is open

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