It’s the end of the road – it’s Day 30 of our 30 Days in May Challenge: Yee Ha!

And that whoop is for a reason.. yesterday we tried something new… Line Dancing! lol

Line dancing first started in the USA, around the late 1970s to early 1980s. Early line dances were performed to disco music, as much as to country and western music, and line dancers would dance to whatever was played. Few of the dances back then even had their origins in country dancing. The dances are fairly straight forward as they come with a repeated sequence of steps in which you dance alone in one or more lines or rows together, no need for partners so it’s great if you’re single too. They come in the form of the Walkin’ Wazi and the Cowboy Boogie.

Today we were absolute beginners in this beginner’s class at The Parkway social club on Bourges Boulevard. Sue was on the microphone helping us all learn the steps to the dances. Our first one was ‘Ruby Baby’ a slow stepped dance with just 16 counts which turns round to all 4 walls. The steps are taught slowly so you can get the hang of it, you take the whole practice round the four walls and then on goes the music…. this one includes ‘heel digs’, a ‘grape vine’ with a quarter turn and a ‘hitch’ then walk backwards with a final touch and that’s it… simple.

We really did have some fun and a bit of exercise for the hour along with other beginners and intermediates. If you’re interested in joining a dance class for getting out those cowboy boots, beginners are on a Wednesday at 12-1pm then a following class joins in at 12.30 to make your last half hour practising more complicated dances. It also only costs £5. ( Why not come and join us?

Get Dancing, Get Moving, Get Some Exercise and Beat that Dementia!

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