Day 11 of 30 Days in May Challenge: Festival Time

The Yaxley Festival is on again with its 2.5 days of entertainment for you. Yaxley is just up the road and actually outside Peterborough, although close enough for it not to bother us not being Peterborough, as it is its own little village.

The Festival runs from Friday night which is all about the fair rides and the music being played. Then continues on Saturday and Sunday with a host of things to do around the grounds – culture, community, heritage and sports. Here’s the entire line up from today…with 3 stages and the Village Green in on the activities too. Something for everyone: live music, amateur dramatics, martial arts, dog show, cadets displays and even dancing dogs.

There’s plenty to look at and walk round too with stalls for every need. Chocolate, clothing, cakes, animals, games, kids areas, rides from the fairground area and lots and lots of food…

This weekend’s lineup. We shall be going this afternoon to see what’s happening, but for now, we’ll post this up so that you can see what’s on. Then add to this later….Parking is very limited so please watch that you are parked in a proper area to avoid congesting all the streets of Yaxley.

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Main Stage

Saturday 11th May

12:00 Opening Ceremony
12:30 Sawtry Village Academy
14:15 Yaxley Amateur Players
15:15 Funked Up
16:00 4th Labyrinth
16:45 Courthouse
17:30 Golden Bantic
18:30 Kyris
19:30 A Story To Tell
20:30 The Deps
21:30 Groove Cartell

Sunday 12th May

12:30 Sawtry Village Academy
13:45 Whisky Twist
14:30 String Fever
15:30 Ultraviolet
16:15 Fleer
17:00 Flashback Photograph
18:00 Telling Truths
19:00 Children of the Revolution

Young Techs Stage

Saturday 11th May

17:00 Filthy Contact
17:45 Nick Corney & The Buzz Rats
18:30 Press
19:30 Frenzy
20:30 The Nuggets
21:30 Lizzy on the Loose

Sunday 12th May

17:00 Ten Years Dead
18:00 Third Stone From The Sun
19:00 The Gangsters

RTC Stage

Saturday 11th May

17:30 Thomas Dunleavy
18:15 James White
19:15 Sarah Carr
20:15 Charlotte Smith
21:15 Soundstage

Sunday 12th May

17:45 Robert J Bull
18:45 Bob Renton

Village Green

Saturday 11th May

12.30 Yaxley Army Cadets Drums
13.00 Avian Display
13.30 Inspired Martial Arts Display
14.00 Yaxley Festival Fun Dog Show

Sunday 12th May

12.30 Yaxley Army Cadets Drums
13.00 Inspired Martial Arts Display
14.00 Avian Display
14.30 Dance Group
15.00 Five Jays Dancing Dogs

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