I’ve just had a sneak preview to the Extinction Exhibition at the museum. However, I’m not going to spoil it for you…
This FREE exhibition covers the demise of the dinosaurs and marine reptiles, death of the ice age mammoths and the impact of humans on the dodo.
Opened by Issy tonight, you’ll see that climate change, asteroids and human action have all been recognised as contributing to past and current extinctions.

An awesome thing to see on display is an almost complete plesiosaur excavated from local Must Farm brick pit, discovered in 2016, on display for the first time! It looks amazing right next to a graphic of whee as t it would have looked like.
It really allows you to see what wonders we have discovered around us and the impact that man has on our and the creatures of today’s futures.

Definitely worth a visit to see for yourself.

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