Take a first look at the new dessert lounge opening on Cowgate very, very soon Heavenly Desserts Peterborough.

I popped in today to see how they were getting on… the workers are all going through their last minute preparations of putting up chairs and tables, connecting lamps and polishing everything up. Whereas the main staff are completing their training on how to create these delicious dishes for you.

You can expect lovely blush pink and grey velvet chairs along with private group booths at the back of the lounge as well as some comfortable circular blue velvet booths at the front.

I’ve just taken a look at their crêpes and waffles from the trainees and they are definitely looking good and obviously the ice cream cabinet looks delicious too.

You might note on the ice creams different coloured labels and you’ll find that these are relevant to normal, vegan and gluten free options. So definitely something for everyone.

Can’t wait to visit.

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There’s nothing quite like a treat on a Sunday evening before settling down for Sunday night’s tv. So tonight. Instead of tea, we popped along to Heavenly Desserts Peterborough to see how they’ve been getting on after their opening last week….

The place looks amazing, lovely and bright, and luxurious with all that plush velvet seating. I noticed that they now have their takeaway merchandise available too; with boxes of classic or nut selection chocolates… chocolaty coffee or their range of teas.

In speaking with Imran, Dominique and the staff, they have been extremely busy, in fact, busier than they thought they would be, on their soft opening. Pleased that it has done so well so far and with all the new staff trained up they are sure that their time of dessert creation and customer service will improve day on day as everyone gets familiar with the whole menu.

Our party of 5 sat down in a lovely booth and decided to order a mixture of different bits from their 42+ page menu so here goes:

Incidentally on wanting to see what the cheesecakes looked like…In the counter I noticed a lovely ‘Chocolate Truffle Torte’ calling my name… so that was my choice to satisfy my chocolates sweet tooth with a scoop of Madagascan vanilla ice cream! Absolutely to die for if you are a chocoholic like me; thick, chocolatey, creamy and filling, with a deliciously smooth chocolate sauce poured over and set creating an outer shell and to counter that creaminess on the side their Italian gelato was a luxuriously refreshing addition to the dish. 💋 🍫

Valentina chose a ‘Heavenly Desserts Cookie Dough’ with strawberries which arrived freshly baked from the oven with sliced strawberries and a pot of Madagascan vanilla ice cream. Hot, sweet and fresh – a heavy and light combination. Mmm. 😋 🍓

Daniele ordered a ‘Do It Yourself’ option which you’ll find on page 40 of their menu… 1. a base of ‘American Waffle’ with 2. a topping of maple syrup then 3. a filling of bananas and strawberries and 4. Topped with 3 scoops of Italian Gelato: 2x straccciatella and creme caramel. It was a huge feast but was downed in no less that 10 minutes!!! Filling, tasty and BIG! Very big! 😲 🍦

Margherita opted for her favourite dessert a ‘Nutella Crepe’ which was perfectly formed, folded and drizzled with gooey Nutella sauce and a crisp topping of mixed nuts to add that crunch. 🥰

A bit of a tall order for Davide with a diabetic choice which was created on request… ‘A Sinful But Oh So Heavenly Waffle’ with mixed fruit and a honey pot on the side. Deliciously thick unsweetened waffles with a superb helping of fruit to be drizzled with honey. For a non sugary dessert – verdict: fantastic! 🥳 🍏 🍓 🥭

In the middle… A wonderful looking round Strawberry Tart which was perfectly baked pastry, bright red fresh strawberries and a sweet strawberry glaze – light and fresh. 🍓

I’m very pleased to say the plates were clean after all that eating not one morsel left! No problem with time or service during our visit and we spent an hour in total devouring our treats tonight. 🥄

Sweet toothed visitors will be delighted I’m sure. 💖

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