It’s not very often when you walk into a new business that you find out that it’s actually 4 in 1! That happened to me yesterday, 29th June, when I popped into a local new coffee shop on Oundle Road called The Sanctuary.

Vickie and Lauren run the newly opened The Sanctuary where they are offering coffee, crystals and cake. It opened last Friday. On entering you are instantly hit with sparkle and colour from Vickie’s ‘Crystal Boutique‘ which has been situated here for around 15 months. There are lots of different pieces for different remedies, for healing, for mindfulness, for well being or simply for ornamental pleasure. I have to say that I was drawn to light blue when I was nosing around and came away with a new pendant and a piece of Bismuth which is gorgeous! (thanks for serving me Alison)

Upstairs Vickie, who has over 7 years experience in her field of spiritual health, takes private appointments for treatments in her healing business called ‘Embrace & Connect‘. She offers reiki and a new trauma healing treatments called Psych-K. Telling me about it, it sounded amazing as it helps to heal parts of your mind and help to control your beliefs. It’s supposed to be good for confidence boosting, as we are all our own enemies, and working on changing some of the imprints in your mind that you don’t want. It aids to help you change your life for the better. It’s a bit like brain mapping – when you don’t believe you can do something, but it’s just your mind telling you that you can’t as you probably can or a habit you just can’t change. I think I might be coming along for a session. Vickie has a fabulous story to tell about starting her business and she says ‘We all have a tendency to put others first, but in doing so, we can sometimes neglect our relationship with ourselves. Through a mixture of Psych-K and meditation techniques, perfected over years of service, I can help you create the change you want to see. ‘

In the centre of the Sanctuary you’ll find a wonderful calm feeling cafe. Serving up hot coffees (coffee from the Stamford Coffee Company), large cups of cappuccino, teas, shakes and a delicious selection of cakes and pastries. As usual, I was tempted to the chocolate coloured ones… I can definitely recommend the Cherry & Chocolate slice of cake  – it was divine, it took me back to eating a Black Forest Gateau – light, creamy, chocolate and cherry flavoured – yummy! On top of that a frothy decaf cappuccino, a plain croissant and a normal cappuccino, all served up by Lauren and her two servers, currently hiding behind the counter, tidying up, I’ll get their photos next time!  There’s also some lovely seating outside where you can enjoy our nice weather and watch the world go by.

Lauren also then has her other side of the business called Faces Permanent Cosmetics. She treats mature ladies for some little ‘tweakments’ as she called them. A place for some slight tweaks making you feel and look marvellous. From permanent makeup like bold brows, smokey eyeliner, lip blush, to filler, skin booster and botox. It’s all about the anti-aging process and taking control with some small things. So if you fancy something doing, you’ll know where to come. (and the answer is, no I didn’t have anything- I’m terrified of this little prickly things they call needles, so I’ll be a few years yet LOL)

Will definitely be back when I’m passing as it was a pleasant visit, and they’ll be adding to their menu for other bites to eat like sandwiches etc for lunchtimes. So watch their socials….They are open 7 days a week, why not pop in and say Hi.

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