A crash of drums, a flash of light, his golden coat flew out of sight…..from 1920’s flappers to Paris in the moonlight, from camels in Israel to Elvis in Egypt… it’s a non-stop colour blasting, costume changing, musical that ignites you from start to finish!

 Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat opened tonight at New Theatre Peterborough and is here until Saturday 11th. It was a FULL HOUSE and I mean FULL HOUSE with people queueing outside to buy tickets tonight at 7.30pm as the show was still due to start. 800+ seats taken up.
If, like me, you don’t know the story of Joseph (sorry must have missed it from Sunday School!) it was an eye-opener. Yes I know he had a wonderful coat, but wasn’t quite sure what actually happened to it…. so this is a good place to catch up on the story from the Bible and blooming heck I’m glad I don’t have 11 brothers (only child!)
So the show starts with a rundown on some great show music before the curtain comes up on the show with Alexandra Doar and boy what a voice she hit all those high notes. She takes us from start to finish through the story of Joseph keeping us on track through all the scene swapping as Joseph ends up in Egypt and then back.
Britain’s Got Talent 2019 finalist, Mark McMullan, belts out the songs as he plays the main role of Joseph. A strong, powerful clear voice where you can hear every word of those songs we all know like Any Dream Will Do, Close Every Door To Me and Go, Go, Go, it’s his first major role on stage and boy has he nailed it!
A shout out too, to Henry Lawes who plays the Pharoah and his take on Elvis and songs – they were so brilliant I’d go and see him in his own act!
If you’ve not booked yet I would recommend it, you’ll be on your feet by the end of the show for sure.
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Book your tickets now at www.newtheatre-peterborough.com

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