What a great evening launching our 2023 We Love Peterborough calendar.

Nearly every photographer could attend which was fabulous. Our event was held in the lovely setting of Heavenly Desserts on Cowgate, my thanks go to Imran for allowing us to use his lounge as our meeting place. 🙂 The calendar was opened and we went through every month with the photographer telling us about their beautiful photograph, where and when it was taken or why which was interesting to hear. Some were taken purposefully and some were taken on the spot when seeing something that caught their eye. Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time!

  • Kevin Reed happened to be riding past Orton Mere when the sun was setting and he hadn’t realised the wonderful reflection of a burning sky he caught
  • Dr Mamta Meena lives near to Thorpe Meadows, regularly going for walks and just saw a beautiful blue sky above the rowing lake that warranted a photo.
  • Tony Garratty was waiting for the light to change at Milton Ferry Bridge for that all important photograph, it didn’t and he took one anyway which turned into a fabulous shot of the bridge and the water there.
  • Melanie Savage loves our beautiful Cathedral in the town centre and is always taking photos managing to grab this one with the sun high in the sky behind a tower.
  • Richard Mortlock is out and about with his camera all the time and saw a field of beautiful sunflowers, the framing is excellent with the sun shining on the haystack and church in the background at Yaxley.
  • Jane Morgan often walks around Orton Mere early and managed to capture a wonderful misty photo of the road leading up to the station, very atmospheric.
  • Natalia Neagu grabbed a fabulous shot standing in the Guild Hall overlooking Cathedral Square a great ‘clean’ photo of our city centre.
  • Danny Rutterford took a marvellous framed photograph of one of our iconic buildings making it stand out even more, Thorpe Hall.
  • Clare Burgess just happened to be walking along the River Nene riverside and noticed how lovely her surroundings were with the contrast of the bridge overhead and the glorious sunshine.
  • Joy White (couldn’t be with us tonight) was in the right place at the right time at Peterborough Football ground when she caught a fabulous sunset.
  • Clare Ratcliffe, (couldn’t be with us tonight) often around with her camera in hand, took a very peaceful photograph of the boat ‘Wyndham’ at Ferry Meadows.
  • Susan Broccoli captured Rudolph at Christmastime outside Queensgate showing off this huge structure with bright sparkling lights against a dark sky.

As a ‘thank you’ to our photographs they were treated to some wonderful desserts to celebrate with cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake, crepes, waffles, milk cake, vegan chocolate pots, donuts and much more. We were full to the brim!  Heavenly Desserts certainly have a vast menu with absolutely something for everyone, if you’ve not been, you must try it.

Another thank you goes out to our guest judge, Tony Nero (local artist) who helped me to choose the photographs, he confirmed it was a hard decision to choose out of so many good, well perspective photographs. Thanks go out to everyone who sent photographs in but didn’t manage to win….this time! There’s always next year! The amount and quality of entries were very high so thank you for taking the time to enter.

The We Love Calendar is of A3 size, created in silk paper with a spiral top binder and hanger making it easy to hang on the wall taking pride of place to see each month’s photograph. There is also plenty of space within the calendar area for your special dates and reminders. They have been printed by another Peterborough local business – GP Print – thank you Peter to you and the team, as always, for the great job done.

If anyone would like a copy it is available from our online shop, we will be placing some around the city for purchasing in person and also raising money for some of our voluntary businesses. If you want to send any abroad, please contact us direct for a personalised delivery quote. (marketing@welovepeterborough.co.uk)

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