Today I purposefully went in to the centre of town for 10.40 in order to see the 2018 Poppy Appeal Launch.

Royal British Legion veterans and flag bearers were leading the parade from outside the Town Hall facing the cenotaph with Peterborough Mayor and Mayoress and other dignitaries from across the country following behind.

The Parade continued up Bridge Street to Long Causeway and into the entrance of Queensgate. The flag bearers then went up the escalators to hold their flags over the balconies from the upper level while the others seated themselves in front of the stage in Central Square along with members of the public. Queensgate Centre director, Mark Broadhead, gave us a few introductory words, followed by a children’s poem. The Mayor, Cllr Chris Ash, had a speech along with the Royal British Legion official from Peterborough and finally prayers and Ode from Squadron Leader Stewart Shaw from RAF Wittering.

A bugler then played ‘The Last Post. of which at the was our two minutes silence, in this time, thousands of poppies were released from the ceilings. It was a wonderful and moving moment. This followed with some performances by Nene Academy school children.

With the help of Vivacity Peterborough loaning memorials which you will find located on the upper ground floor of Queensgate.

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