What an amazing exhibition finale to the #1000Moments project.

Make sure you go and see it whilst it’s on. You’ll find this massive wall (designed by Paper Rhino and printed by FisherPrint) on the uppermall where BHS used to be. It’s a celebration of the positivity of people in Peterborough. Those who love certain things, have had special memories of moments which make where they live great. See what people have to say about where you live and what it means to them.

At the opening event on Thursday 13th February it was great to meet so many of the faces on the wall tonight which have been taken showing the many different faces that actually make up Peterborough as a fab city. Here’s a few that I managed to catch with their doubles… Lorrain White (PCVS), Carla Lima Lopes (Portuguese community), the always colourful Charron Pusgley-Hill (artist), Lynne Collins (artist), Judita Grubliene (Lithuanian community), Brian Haswell (ukelele left at home), Bernadetta-Sherrie (Teacher/Community leader), Charley Genever (Poet), Kristal Destiny (drag queen),  Lucy Castle (car boot sale organiser), Malcolm Castle (Rapper), Jay Gearing (Red7 Productions), Mahemuda ‘Muni’ Arsalani (Muni’s Mosiacs), Ann Bellamy (artist), Nick Reines-Keightley (videographer).. it was great to meet all of you and your real faces. LOL

Well done and huge thanks to Peterborough Presents and Jumped Up Theatre, for the idea behind this which has been a year in the making, especially to Kate Hall for her enthusiasm and Josie Stone for piecing this together.  A big thank you to Thomas Davies for such marvellous photography at capturing everyone’s spirit and to Nick Reines-Keightley for his great videography skills at making everyone feel at ease. Administration is always key and that shout out goes to Charlie Genever (social queen and website maniac). Out mad mad mad mad actors/actresses from the We Love Peterborough Game Show with dinosaur and rocking guitar in hand….Becky Owen-Fisher, Jason Mitchell and others.. A BRILLIANT WELL DONE to you all.

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