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If you’ve never seen Avenue Q (premiered on New York’s Broadway) then you’re going to be in for a bit of a surprise when you see puppeteers on the stage alongside their puppets…after all you never saw them on Sesame Street, Pitkins or the Muppets.. but then again, this isn’t any of them, is it! – This an ADULT take on it and that’s why it’s definitely NOT A CHILDREN’S SHOW!!!! 🚸

Tonight was the opening night at New Theatre Peterborough which had a good audience for a Tuesday night and the stage looks huge after its makeover by Selladoor Worldwide making room for great things to come.

Back to the show…Clever actor-puppeteers handle their puppets in plain sight on stage along ‘Avenue Q’, the place where they live, but after some minutes pass the humans drift into the background and your attention really is focussed on the puppet characters. They’re not just a blank canvas though as their voices, movements, emotions and facial movements really do come through. And talking of voices boy can that girl sing! 🎼

You’ll meet a host of lovable characters like Brian, Kate Monster, Trekkie Monster, Bad Idea Bears, Lucy the Slut, Christmas Eve & Mrs Thistletwat 😁 with their day to day journeys and emotions. Human issues are what makes this musical play funny – like falling in and out of love, being racist, being dumped, being seduced, sex, money, homelessness and of course – Internet porn! 😲 Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll laugh at it all.

Tip: Have some change ready during the second half… some of us didn’t realise that AvenueQ supports 3 charities during their show and have a collection during their song ‘The Money Song’ – which are The Whittington Hospital (@WhitHeatlh), The Christie (@TheChristie) and WWF (WWF UK)

I believe it’s the first of its kind, I’ve certainly never seen anything like it, in Peterborough, a show which is unique, funny, surprising and entertaining – all in one.

The show is running until Saturday – tickets start at £19.50.

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