There’s ‘Stranger Things’ going on at Hours Escape Rooms on Shrewsbury Avenue! 

We spent last night transported to Hawkins, Indiana under an array of coloured lights from the 80s and our aim was to find a rift to the Upside Down… all within 60 mins !

“Your team have been requested by Agent Andrea Owens to investigate the rifts, also known as ‘the upside down’ that have been appearing around Hawkins. Your mission is to try and locate any gaps that may have opened up. You have 60 minutes to locate a rift and get information you can recover.”

The race is on and if any of you have watched the Netflix series Stranger Things you’ll love this game of escape.

From the moment you’re taken in on your blindfold entry, you’ll be looking everywhere and taking it all in. The look and feel is spot on with some great clues to have you climbing up the walls and racking your brain. While Hooper is trying his best to work things out, your time flies by as fast as the wind in your face on a downhill bike ride from a Dungeons and Dragons game, believe me. Through maths puzzles, keys, codes and fairy lights you’ll be tested to the very limit. There’s some straight forward clues and there’s some hard ones in that there room.

The theme and props are great with a few getting you to reminisce of that era.. (if you’re old enough). Don’t forget to look closely at everything, as in every escape room you do, leaving no stone unturned…working as a team will bring you success. Hours Escape really have made the effort on making this room as authentic as possible (love the ……) well I can’t say now can I! … and when you’re an independent small business, the team deserve a huge pat on the back. As a tester group of the room we actually made it out safely, which was as much as a surprise as a relief…. our triumphant time was 59 minutes and 32 seconds. We managed by the skin of our teeth on this one and it you want to beat us you’ll need to get your skates on.

Personally, I wouldn’t advise trying this game in two you’ll be better in your team of three or four as you are tested to your limits. Sometimes you’ve got to really think out of the box. It’s going to be a great stocking filler for Christmas for any Stranger Things follower or Escape Room fanatic and they sell vouchers too – great idea.

Thanks to Amy and her team for the chance to play in one of my favourite series !

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