“Early bird gets the worm”, as they say!

It certainly was early as the Peterborough Morris were kitted out this morning and ready for the May Sunrise which is the start of the Morris Dancing Season.

At 5.20am (yes 5.20!) with white breath and music in the air, they started their merry dance accompanied by the accordion outside the Custom’s House on the Nene Embankment to the rising sun. They danced their Cotswold Morris (dancing with hankies & sticks) for their tradition in celebration of their 2019 beginnings, as the sun rose up.

You may find some other dance groups around and about today: Crosskey Clog or Pigdyke Molly. It’s all in aid or their winter awakening. So if you were passing in your car this morning and beeped – thanks – at least you now know what was happening so early!

2019 is also their celebration of 40 years of Morris Dancing in Peterborough so there’s bound to be a colourful event coming near you soon.. .the next one in Peterborough is at Ferry Meadows Caravan Club site on 28th May.

For more info visit www.peterboroughmorris.co.uk

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