Just tucking into some delightful sandwiches at The Mad Hatters Tea Party Fundraiser this afternoon at the lovely Sibson Inn which has been sponsored by Revamp Limited. There’s a beautifully big marquee here at this country location on The Great North Road…and inside a host of goodies ready to eat. Each table has been beautifully fitted out with a different theme from Alice in Wonderland. There’s a host of things going on too to keep the kids occupied as this is who it is really aimed at anyway. We have a juggler and a wandering Mad Hatter card magician, a stilt-walking Queen of Hearts and Alice is playing the children whilst looking for a White Rabbit who has unfortunately disappeared. There’s a lovely small play area outside for the kids as well as a colourful play area inside.

So we sit here surrounded in little and big tots in fancy dress, all looking amazing I must say including Kerry’s pink flamingo dress and Sush’s dark Mad Hatter outfit…look stunning. Tea is served and we all go in to enjoy our sweet goodies, all set out beautifully. Daniele you did a fabulous job organising this and look forward to the next one…. hint hint.

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