Yesterday I was invited for a free attendance on a tour that Peterborough Cathedral has restarted – Walking through history in the Cathedral Precincts
A building made up of many year’s of works from Romanesque to our famous Gothic front to the Cathedral.

Our group was entertained by Kate, our guide, for around an hour and a half. It started in the Cathedral Cloisters to the side of the Cathedral.

Even though you possibly walk through the cloisters, like me, you don’t actually appreciate what it used as to be like. Apart from the outer walls, all have been ruined – there were stained glass windows in the walkways which would have been fabulous to see, destroyed by Oliver Cromwell.

Monks would have worked in here, writing, meditating, exercising and all activities throughout their daily lives. Their sleeping quarters which would have lead to the church within the Cathedral and more.

Around the grounds we learnt about the Chapel of St Lawrence which is now a clergy residence, the hospital, the Canonry house now used for the Lightproject, the actual vineyard nearby and the little prior’s gate that lead to a deer park! All are gone now but great to listen to the stories about what was once here.

Did you know that King Henry VIII created a school that had choristers? It was called King’s School and is obviously no longer in the Cathedral Precincts, but still exists today on Park Road and still provides the choristers.

At the end of the tour you are even treated to a secret garden.

The tour was really interesting, I’ve not written too much about it as I really don’t want to spoil it for you. You are going to be on your feet all that time so have a coffee in town afterward as your feet will thank you for it! 🙂

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