Micaela Bradshaw takes a trip around the Museum.

Do you like sitting in a peaceful Café? Drinking tea and eating cake? Or do you like gifts and souvenirs?
Because not only does the Museum have exhibitions, but they also have a café to meet with friends and family and a gift store that has a variety of items that you can purchase for you or your loved ones – whether it would be accessories, skin care and books or more.

The Peterborough Museum, standing tall since 1816, is one of the places you must visit. Filled with historical art and collections, the museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 5pm, and is a great place to spend with friends and family by taking a look at the phenomenal variety of artefacts, modern art and vintage items.

Each exhibition shows different items from Peterborough’s phenomenal past that fascinates each and every one of us who visit there.

There are 3 floors of art and artefacts to look around within the museum such as; the marine fossil with a massive collection of 227,000 objects, the Victorian operating theatre which shows a sneak peek of the Museum’s past as the city’s first hospital which was allowed by Earl Fitzwilliam, the Art gallery and more!

The Museum is filled with wonders from the past that everyone should visit, from the little collections of pottery and items, made by the French prisoners from the war, to the large paintings, prints and drawings from the 17th Century to the present day.

This historical house is unique and significant part of Peterborough as it stores the treasures that have been found or collected throughout time everything inside that Museum plays a huge role in moulding Peterborough into the society that it is today.

Micaela Bradshaw
Level 3 Creative Digital Media Production (Journalism)
Peterborough Regional College

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