As an adult are you looking to learn something new?
Are your kids 16-19 and need some direction?

City College Peterborough has it all… and did you know that they’ve been going for 75 years!

Why not pop along to their 75year’s celebration and Open Day. You’ll be able to have a look at a range of courses that they do including full-time courses, part-time courses and day courses which are on a Saturday.

I came to have a look at what Saturday courses they have coming up as I love to learn something new. I’ve definitely picked up a leaflet for the Intermediate Chocolatier- a course which will be in March – That’s one of my favourite things to learn about.

There are also some great longer courses coming up like French, Spanish and Italian both for beginners and intermediate level, as well as some crafty courses like learning to dress make, arrange flowers, wine tasting, photography, Indian head massage and even how to be a bricklayer.

Grab one of their course booklets or visit them online to sign up. See you there making chocolate! 😋😉

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