So someone said to the non-football fan, “you’re going to watch football – have you bumped your head?” well actually that’s another story but….. Yes We Love Peterborough are at Peterborough United football friendly today against Bolton.

With some ‘extra special’ tickets today we were given a stadium tour by the lovely Tommy Robson, a really lovely man, full of the joys and jokes of football and life. An excellent celebrity to be given a history with. From one side of the stadium to the other, even non-football fans can be interested.
The pitch is a gleaming green, like no other person’s lawn this summer in this heat! and everyone is very cheery at this first game of the summer. The sun’s out and everything looks rosy. As you walk in the entrance you’ll find the wall of fame with framed celebrity footballers for P.U. as it used to be noted as.. Tommy Robson among them.
We met the new team players who were signing autographs for the match sponsors’ children today (TJ Electrical Engineers) in the changing room and they look a very happy bunch.
On the far side you’ll find a hall of fame of the kits through the years and how they’ve changed along with strips on info on players over the years like Chris Turner, Noel Cantwell, Jim Hall, etc. There’s also a great seat with Peter Burrow where the kids or you can get a great photo opportunity, so do go and check it out. We went upstairs and looked around the executive boxes with their sliding patio doors and the Club 75 (Noel Cantwell Suite) which is large and area with great views of the games through the windows… I have to say MIND THE WALLS, this is where I bumped my head walking straight into a pillar! (oops served me right for coming!) Eating lunch with an ice-pack 🙂
After viewing the trophies it was time to eat so up to the lounge for lunch, and wow, what a lunch is included. It’s a roast dinner today with a pate starter, pork or beef roast with huge Yorkshire puds and a cheesecake for afters.
The seating with the ticket was up high and right in the middle so the view of the game was excellent. I have to say that if I had to come again, I’d definitely be looking at this treat again and it’s a nice leisurely afternoon.
There are lots of opportunities for business to sponsor The Posh and you can find this online or pick up their corporate brochure: Match Ball starts at £1100+vat, Associate Sponsor starts at £110+vat per person, Executive boxes start at £500+vat for up to 12 guests, Club 75 starts at £60+vat per person, Kit (one) sponsorship from £350+vat …so there is a bit to choose from if you fancy a bit of a treat.
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