You won’t be able to visit Peterborough without noticing that we really are a mixed bunch of people, but with all these differences, most of us have one thing in common – we love Peterborough.

Back in 2019, before any of this lockdown malarkey, we teamed up with Peterborough Presents and created a #1000moments campaign. With a bunch of heroes we went around Peterborough to ask the residents of Peterborough where they liked to go, what they liked to do and what they knew about their city too.

The WLP #1000moments Game Show toured the Bretton Festival, the Millfield Festival, Nene Park Ferry Meadows, Itter Park Summer Fun Day and also the Cathedral precinct’s green in the town centre. Set up with inflatable guitar, timer bell and the mad-cap capers of Jason, Becky, Kate and Lisa, people were quizzed, entertained, pin-badged and even given a cupcake! What more could you want?

We came away with smiley selfies and a knowledge of what people loved about, or had fond memories of, where they live:

  • “Nene Park – open and bbqs with a friendly caravan and camping site.” Bradley.
  • “Flag Fen is historic and amazing. When I go there I feel transported back in time.” Mike.
  • “The paddling pool at Central Park, love the birds, the squirrels. We go in the afternoons and have a ice cream at the cafe.” Genevieve
  • “Sitting on the decking at the rowing lake, it’s like being by the sea.” Siyan & Pezza.
  • “The Lido… I like swimming on a hot day, anybody can go there.” Omar.

See the whole set at

After sharing these with our online campaign we ended on a high with some professionally photographed residents and an artwork in Queensgate which went live in February 2020. Because of lockdown, not everyone got to see this impressive showcase and now it has been removed. (sad as TKMaxx move into the upstairs BHS unit). I managed to get a handful of contributors with their respective photos on launch day. (photos by Thomas Byron, poster by WeAreRhino, Videography by Nick Reinis-Keightley)

Photos you’ll see:

  • Brian Haswell (Ukelele Teacher/Better Bretton)
  • Mahemuda Arsalani (Muni’s Mosaics)
  • Judita Grubliene (Peterborough’s Lithuanian Community)
  • Kristal Destiny (Drag Queen)
  • Bernadetta-Sherrie (Teacher/Community Leader)


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