When We Love Peterborough met up with When Polly met Fergie… 

Hello meat eaters! You aren’t going to believe this but you have, HAVE, to eat here!

We walked into town to visit this new and popular restaurant for the first time on Friday evening at 7.30pm. The location in The Arcade is ideal for this small, niche restaurant. The decor is dark but vibrant and the atmosphere downstairs is ideal as you get the jazz flowing down from upstairs….

Tonight we were #VeganVirgins but jumped straight in to try all 3 courses… so here we go:

Drinks on the table we had a jug of iced water and ‘Fritz-kola’…they don’t have any diet or no-sugar drinks 🙁 …maybe next time as that’s my particular preference. So what is Fritz-Kola: one of the feistiest kolas in the world (25mg caffeine/100ml!). It contains real cola nut extract and natural caffeine – an unmistakable get-me-up. (and it comes at around 140 calories ). Basically, if you liked dandelion & burdock as a kid, this will bring back those memories.

On to our first course… If that’s not meat on those wonderful puffed nachos I’ll eat my hat. (Well actually I’ve not got one on!) They are wonderful as a starter to share as we did. Would highly recommend them and the sharer platter that we had at £6.00 was ample for the two of us for some nibbles (Verdict 10/10)

Second course – we followed our first with southern fried seitan with chips… a tasty spice on them and deep fried – a great alternative to chicken, for me a bit textured like calamari but for my husband he advised that they were good and not much different to thinking they were chicken (Verdict 8/10).  My wonderful bowl of Bourguignon was amazing.. and I didn’t miss the meat! It’s was a tasty, stewy and rich mixture of shallots, mushrooms and carrots along with the some great mashed potato which was just right.  A lovely warm dish for which really did fill the spot and not leave you hungry at all. (Verdict 10/10) We also wanted to see what the Mac Cheese was like so ordered this on the side. It was pasta tubes covered in a light white sauce which sort of tasty cheesey but didn’t actually have any cheese or Vegan cheese in it. The texture was silky but thick just the same as you would expect this traditional dish to be really… a nice addition to the seitan. That’s 4 empty dishes already!

So, onward and forward to dessert and I managed to bag the last piece of Chocolate & Ginger cheesecake. What can I say… a ginger biscuit base topped with a very dark chocolate on the top, not bitter, not strong, just right and a good sized piece too. 🙂 Did you get the smiley face. It was a lovely dessert and the other choices of cheesecake sounded great too.

We popped upstairs when the band arrived to see them for a couple of mins before leaving. Upstairs is humming with a great relaxed feel to it. You can have food up there too with its own bar it’s a great place to just chill out, chat and enjoy the music.

Our waiter and waitress were great and the service was quick and satisfying with a fairly full downstairs.

The verdict from the two carnivores was that ‘we will come again!’ whether you area  meat eater or not, we would both highly recommend the restaurant, Paula and Alistair has a little gem here in the heart of the city with a great vibe.

We wish them well in the success of their business… see you soon!

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