We went for a nosey in what is possibly Peterborough and Cambridgeshire’s ONLY Skate and Paint one-stop shop. Not that I’m a skateboarder myself that is… (but I have been on one a bit of a while ago…)

BDco Skate and Paint is a new skate shop and paint supplier in Peterborough. Well, we say new, but unfortunately, they opened just before covid struck and it meant that they couldn’t trade as they’d hoped and had to close for half the year. On top of that, they had some location issues and had to move location in Second Drove, Fengate. Despite this, they’ve managed to provide some great skateboarding and paint deals to the city skaters and painters. Their unit is fresh with fantastic licks of paint decor in their open space, it’s bigger and better and they are striving to keep their prices super competitive across the whole range of paints, pens, decks, wheels, trucks and more.

You’ll love the cool feel and graffiti decor and within the shop you’ll find a range of decks and accessories to be purchased along with their own range of T-shirts.

In a few weeks, you’ll be able to view their items online with a brand new website. Customers will be able to order online then either have it delivered or call by for a collection. They’ve taken COVID seriously so the shop is sanitised regularly and they understand if people would prefer to collect orders from outside, they are happy to accommodate everyone’s needs.

They are also working on an area within our building called ‘The Platform’ where they will allow local artists to display their work, which may otherwise go unnoticed.

Luca said, “There are loads of great artists in and around Peterborough and we want to use our building and social media to display this. We are a skater-run skater-owned skate shop and we love to support the local skate scene by displaying the local talent, whether it be through videos, photos, competitions, movie premiers or through future sponsorships that we intend on doing.

“So if you, your children or anyone you know are into skateboarding or graffiti-style artwork, from paints to pens, then be sure to let them know where we are and how to follow us.”

You’ll find them at Unit 10, Second Drove, Fengate.
(https://www.facebook.com/Bdco-589995174837352 )

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