Wow how amazed can you be!!!
I’ve never been into Lush (Queensgate, Peterborough) because I thought it was just perfumed soaps… how wrong can you be!

I was met by Florence and Georgia (Store Mgr) who I have to say are sooooo knowledgable about every single product and I’ve just learnt about all of them.

Throughout their opening day they will running workshops on making your own products and also through the coming weeks ahead. The shop is larger and looks wonderful with yoghurt pot shelving and reclaimed wood cabinets for their products …all created by using waste products. A fabulous idea!

Everything in here really is great for the environment. You can even take your goodies home in a beautiful scarf which then doubles as a present.

I was given a demo on some hair shampoos which look like anything from pieces of cheese to cookies with their new POSH shampoo & conditioner in one bar. The Angel Hair shampoo bar has coconut for softness. Over at the shower range you can be shown any product for texture and smell before you buy. I’d recommended the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub which exfoliates the skin and finish off with a shower oil bar called Minamisoma which smelled wonderful.

There’s a mass of things to pamper yourself with it really is a girl haven. The idea of recycling, using natural products and you get to meet their creators with a small photo on every recyclable (in store) tub or bottle which is really cute. The idea is you return 5 clean pots or tubes and get a free face mask. They are already made with 100% recyclable plastic.

Be more thing is that they have a brilliant app. You have hover over a product and it will tell you all about it, including video on what it does.

If you’re looking for something bright, fresh, smelly, quirky and beautiful then you best get in their and have a look… especially with Mother’s Day coming up. I’ll be shopping here more now that I know all about it.

I even came away with a free banana!

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