Puttstars golf opened today in Queensgate, so I purchased a couple of tickets for me and my husband to go and have a game and see exactly what it was all about.
The entrance in Queensgate is on the upper floor going towards the bus station and looks fabulous- it’s very colourful and very bright.

It’s definitely something which you and the kids are going to like and it’s not too pricey on the pocket; games start at £6 each for adults, £5 for juniors and families from £20.90, and if you want to play all three areas then there is a bonus price for you.

You go to the checkout and tell them that you’ve booked and after being given a ball you can then choose which area you would like to play in: 1. the Rookie, which is upstairs, 2. The Enthusiast, over near the gaming area or 3. the Master, where you come in.

As you go along you keep your scores on a small app (which you use a QR code ) when you book in. We had a play on the Rookie… some of the holes are straight forward getting them in 2-3 goes, and I won’t lie – some of them are difficult ending up with six or seven goes! You earn points depending on how many goes you have and how many are in your team.

At the end of your game after a couple of minutes you’ll see your scores go up on the leaderboard and they are displayed around the hall.

There are two bar areas upstairs and downstairs where you can order drinks, hot food like pizza, hot dogs or nachos, etc., there are some great sounding cocktails.

There’s a coupe of offers – kids can eat, drink and putt from £7.50 Wednesday to Friday until 7pm and in the school holidays. Adults can eat, drink and putt from £10.50 all day Wednesday and Thursday, games on Friday before 6 pm and games on Sunday after 4 pm. There are a couple of other offers one for unlimited minigolf and the other for two games of golf and a drink so take a look at their website for which one suits you best.

Worth noting is that you can even play a game of American pool as they have two pool tables at just £1.50 a game.

Our 9 hole game on the Rookie took us around 15 minutes and that’s because there was nobody in front of us and it was our first time.
It’s an open plan area on the courses, it’s not as enclosed with props and decor on the games as I thought it would be from experience from other golf places, it looks a bit bare, but when you start putting, each one is fun to play.

It’s a great addition to Peterborough for something to do, a place for you to go to chill out during the day or in the evening and just enjoy some games with friends and family. Even the loos provided are nice and today.

You’ll find they’ve put together some party packages, so whether you’re a group of adults or you want somewhere for the kids to go, then take a look at those which will give you value for money.

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