We’re standing here at 4.45pm on another cold November night, hoping it won’t rain as we queue for this year’s Luxmuralis light show at Peterborough Cathedral. Our tickets checked we are allowed in as we walk through the gates to an awaiting West Front of the Cathedral for the magic to begin.

Once again we are a fairly big crowd for this first showing and after a countdown the lights and music begins. We start with a whirl as Santa’s sleigh glides over from right to left leaving a trail of magic stars. It’s a lovely way to start getting that Christmas feel, based on the nativity story. The music is composed by David Harper and matches the imagery well. From a swirling caleidoscope imagery to themes from Christmas like angels, the birth of Christ, the journey of the three kings, Christmas trees, candles and baubles – it’s an opportunity well spent to see it.

Once complete, around 20 minutes, you’ll enter inside the Cathedral where you are immersed in the lights for a internal display of sound and light which travels right through the whole building with moving images. It can be a bit disorientating but walk slowly. The tree is up and looks wonderful and a nice photo opportunity. To your left you will find some candles for prayers and on the right you will find hot chocolate £3.50 each and mulled wine as well as a pick’n’mix sweet stall for the kids. There’s no rush here, you have time to get feeling your fingers again after being in the cold with a warm drink and just to take in the atmosphere.

Toilets are available on the way out and you will exit through the Cathedral grounds towards Bishops Gardens. (easy to get to for the car park)

Note: It’s cold and especially more when you stand for 20 minutes in one spot. So wrap up with thick socks, wooly hats, gloves and a winter coat, you’ll thank me later. It’s dark to walk so if you need a torch, don’t forget the one on your phone may come in handy.

You can get tickets for 1/2 hour intervals from 5pm on an evening right through to 9pm. This is only on for today, Wednesday through to Saturday, so if you want to see it book now! https://www.peterborough-cathedral.org.uk/luxmuralis.aspx

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