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Did you go to the Lulu concert at the New Theatre? It wasn’t a full house but there were certainly a lot of people there. I went as I thought it would be a good pressie for my mum as Lulu was more her era than mine. And I say that because even though Lulu has lasted through the years, she’s not really someone who has been in the headline of music, in the charts much or grabbed our attention. I also can’t say that ‘we’ all know her because most of the younger than me generation don’t! The known, ‘we’ know her for, are her most famous songs… ‘Shout’ which she came out with so long ago with, in 1964! (I wasn’t even born then by my mum was in her teens.) She still has plenty of dates left around the country if you want to see her in theatres – which to be fair makes a nice change that you can sit (because of the older audiences obviously) This little girl with the HUGE voice came bounding around with a Scottish accent – something unique. She got into acting and was given a role in, and sang the theme tune to ‘To Sir, With Love’ with Sydney Poitier. What she may be more famous for would be her entry to the Eurovision Song Contest of which she sang ‘Boom Bang-a-Bang’ – don’t you just love the 60’s song titles! – in 1969.

Her concert was good, I can’t say it wasn’t, she sang us all the songs above and more taking us on a journey through her music career and life. Her songs from Neil Diamond, singing with her late husband Barry Gibb and she’s actually been in umpteen TV shows and series with other famous faces from the 60s to the 2000.

On stage she is a mighty force, you can hear that she’s older (now 70!) – no doubt about that, but she’s still got the shout and going strong to get you up on your feet for some dancing. Coming out in a petit pinafore dress, high heels, hat and a shawl, you wouldn’t think she was her age. On her second set she changes into flat converse bless her. As she said, she was having a break for a cup of tea. I think we are in the years of some of the older singers coming out to do one final tour… just as Tom Jones and Elton John have just done.. it’s a final ‘show’ of what they are. Some can (like Tom Jones) and other’s can’t (not necessarily Lulu). Lulu sang for around 1 hour with a warm up act by Phillipa Hannah – a fresh face to the country music scene accompanied by her husband.

Would I go again? No. Would I recommend not going? No. Did I have a good time? Yes! – It’s a good concert, an easy going – let’s reminisce concert. AND, I’m glad to say that I went and listened to the iconic LULU sing live on stage in Peterborough in a nice comfy seat!

She still has plenty of dates left around the country if you want to see her in theatres.

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