Thursday at 8.55am and I’m waiting with a few more people to enter into John Lewis, I’m awaiting the opening of the Ori Caffe, but I can finally see inside the main upper floor doors to John Lewis’s beauty area and I must say it’s a hive of activity……lots of staff bustling around, radios in hand, tidying and sorting with a few last minute checks and then Ta Da! 9am and the roller goes up…. as we walk in all the staff are looking at us!

Little did I know that I was actually walking into their main undressing of the upper ground floor! Whoop, how lucky what that! Eye’s wide open as you take it all in, John Lewis is sparkling! They’ve totally revamped this area into a ‘Beauty Palace‘, it’s modern, trendy, inviting, warm, chic… what more can I say?

On your left and straight ahead you’ll find all the perfume and make-up counters to indulge in: Benefit, Jo Maloney, Nars, Laura Mercier and on there you will also find a semi-cirlcle of perfumes Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs. Straight ahead is their Experience Desk where you can book John Lewis’ exclusive service like ‘Style Experience’ a Personal Styling session, ‘Beauty Experience’ with brow or eyelash treatments, even a manicure as well as Home Design and New Parents – it’s a bit like a concierge service. On the right will take you through women’s wear and also their Style Studio that looks and feels so different… you’ll be hunting for your favourite designers here. At the bottom you’ll also find that you can now get your eyewear as they have their new Opticians. On speaking with Gary Rowntree, the Store Manager, he told me they are so pleased with how it looks.

It really is a new shop, the old John Lewis that has been here since Queensgate creation way back when has gone!… John Lewis has had a complete makeover and it looks ‘stunning‘!


So, now to find Ori….. Through the main entry, turn right through beauty and women’s wear and there sits Ori Caffe tucked away in the corner and looking inviting. There’s hustle and bustle here as they have their own launch event going on with its owners too. I spoke with Aiden and they are very proud to be working with John Lewis in setting up their 3rd Ori Caffe with the stores. It looks extremely chic in turquoise, gold and dark grey. They’re aiming at serving everyone with some great food offerings for breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. The cannoli & sfogliatelle on the counter certainly look inviting with a frothy cappuccino. The owners have Italian heritage and that’s why these lovely delicasies are here….can’t wait to try it out.

Just so you know – John Lewis’ own cafe is still here but on the floor above – The Place To Be serving up it’s usual high quality goodies.

I can’t wait to see what they do with the lower ground floor where work is now underway. Well done John Lewis!

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