The dinosaurs are coming…and they’re on the loose on the Embankment.

We made a visit to the Embankment today where there were already hoards of people by 2pm when we arrived. The fairground was full with people enjoying themselves on the rides with this lovely hot weather. What a great day.. and to top it all we’d seen that there was a Jurassic Park Adventure with some dinosaurs to meet too. Off I went to find out where they’d be.. right at the bottom of the fair and I found the wonderful group called Fossils Galore with their set up stall. I met their little dino who was happily giving photos to the kids and promoting their stand of real fossils with the extra Find a Pearl in a pretend dig.

Up the way we found a Jurassic Park jeep where you could also take a photo and what a posh vehicle too, just like the real one in the film. Next to that some Jurassic memorabilia.

2pm and we heard a commotion in the crowd as we spotted a raptor taking a wander. We caught up with him and took a video as well as a couple of photos. How lifelike it was… over man height and with a real gleam in his eye. He was kept in check by two keepers (also making sure he didn’t bump into anyone) But really, how realistic. He made his way to their small arena where a large and I mean large crows of adults and their kids were patiently waiting.

Many were here for just a look and others queued up for a paid photo. (sorry chaps no idea how much this was as there was no board with any pricing on it).

We obviously cannot avoid the elephant in the corner that a lot of people came away disappointed. We sent a message to the organisers of this new event with some tips which they took on board, however, everyone has frightened them away with their harsh comments.
1. It was extremely squashed – they will be making their next arena much larger.
2. People couldn’t see – they will look at a platform type of arena so everyone can see.
3. People were expecting more dinosaurs especially the 18ft T-Rex which had been advertised. We didn’t see it either as they’d been forced to not bring him out due to the number of people and very little space in which to maneover. (if it’s H&S I’m sure you’d all rather there wasn’t an accident involving kids)
4. Car parking at £5 – they had established that if you parked for the day nearby it would cost you £8 so they believed that £5 on the lawns was a good discount.

It’s unfortunate when something needed a bit more planning to be a complete success but we with the Company well with their next event as it’s obviously a popular thing to do. There were a LOT of people who were happy at seeing one dinosaur and some who saw three during their time at the fair.

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Dino’s on the Loose!

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