FIRST LOOK! Welcome to The Chalkboard! We were invited to their opening evening to see what’s coming up, and boy it certainly looks delicious.

Hannah and Andy have taken on the glasshouse restaurant overlooking the Nene and filled it with a delightful menu created by their chef Daniele. It’s certainly a great location with ample seating indoors and out. Their menu is based around sharing boards and there’s plenty for you to choose from.

Let’s start with breakfasts: 10am till 12pm every day Tuesday to Friday, then on Saturdays and Sundays, lucky you, you can eat breakfast all day; sweet pancakes or mini Danish pastries, breakfast baps, Vege breakfast, children’s breakfast (with a mini range) and a Full English of fried eggs, beans, rashers of bacon, sausages, toast and hash browns. But, if you’re just looking for a bowl of rice crispies or a muffin or simply some toast then why not order some at just £2!

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be drooling over their Afternoon Tea offerings, like me, served from 12-5pm;
Traditional afternoon tea with …all the normal bits of sandwiches, scones and cakes… all your choice.
Children’s afternoon tea with a choice of shape for their sandwich: dolphin, heart, train, dinosaur, star, doughnut, ice lolly or rainbow!!! 🌈
Gluten Free afternoon tea is available too with some wonderful goodies. And if you like savoury then simply ask…everything can be swapped from sweet to savoury and they’ve got a delicious cheese scone with butter.

6pm you’ll be dining ‘charcuterie style’ with a selection of boards: Italian Charcuterie, British Charcuterie, Spanish Charcuterie, even a British Cheese Chalkboard… these all come with olives, feta stuffed peppers, a selection of warm breads, breadsticks, sun-dried tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey. Vegetarian and Vegan have their very own too. (Vegetarian with roasted peppers, jalapeño hummus, breads, extra-virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar, olives, falafel, a couple of cheeses, halloumi fries and breadsticks) (Vegan with roasted peppers, jalapeño hummus, breads, extra-virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar, olives, falafel, salted broad beans, chilli dried corn, breadsticks, tempura vegetables) And again something for the kids… a Children’s Chalkboard which cones with cheddar cheese dinosaurs, ham, breads, breadsticks, crisps, carrot and cucumber sticks and halloumi or French fries.

Their pork is from Grassmere, a choice of breads is included from Hambletons bakery in Stamford and they have an amazing selection of teas from Jenier… all loose leaf and they come with a tea-timer for your preferred strength.

If you don’t want a whole chalkboard, you are able to order just coffee and cake of your choice it’s entirely up to you, so whether you want breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake, or an evening meal before the theatre, then come along and try it.

It was all delicious and it also sounds good too doesn’t it. Get yourself down to try them out, their official opening is on Tuesday 30th July. They are closed on Mondays but you’re welcome to come Tuesday to Sunday.
And by the way… You can even take away!

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