Today, thanks to Radford, I got the chance to take a look around University Centre Peterborough on a private tour (oooh) and showcase what some 200 students will be attending for their studies in a couple of weeks and what future students could look forward to next year. It really doesn’t feel like the UCP has been here in existence since 2007, but it has. I was here to look at their lovely building sharing their location with the Peterborough Regional College.

Currently with 500 returning students Peterborough will be housing some fresh new youngsters as they may be stepping into Peterborough for the first time, which is great for all tourism activities, places and shops here and in the surrounding area. They don’t all stay on campus, many stay at home in Peterborough and others travel in when their study days are due. So the student community here is growing and it’s going to be growing much more over the coming years when the UCP goes independent from the Anglian Ruskin University with a status of University Peterborough.. that’s a few years yet and of course they will then be looking at the new site for their campus….which will be behind the Lido on Bishop’s Road, called the ‘Embankment’ (not to be confused with the embankment area along the river currently used for events and such like, that will be here to stay).

Their prospectus is also growing with some new courses this year like Engineering, Digital Marketing and Digital Arts. The benefit here at UCP is that it’s not an overwhelming site like many of the larger Uni’s but small and select. This, in turn, means that there’s lower tuition fees (£8000), smaller classes and individual support for the students. Their typical class size is around 20 which means more time for engagement with the tutors.

If your child is thinking about Uni next year they will be holding some Undergraduate days on Weds 17th Oct 5.30-8pm, Sat 3rd Nov 10am-2pm and Thurs 6th Dec 5.30-8pm. It will be definitely worth the time to take a look and see what’s on offer. Some of their course’s time is currently held over at the PRC where they can share laboratories for BioScience, sports halls for Sports Coaching and Physical Education and of course the library. Another great thing is that most courses only need you on campus for 2 days which leaves plenty of time for self-study and research. (well that’s what some students call it LOL)

Student support is always on hand and you’ll find the main hub at the University entrance…that’s in between the ping-pong table, the Costa Cafe, the midnight munch vending machine, reception and the airy study space. It’s bright and colourful and the rooms are pass-secure entry meaning that only students at the UCP can enter.

Study, by the way, is not just for those just leaving school after completing their A-levels, UCP has mature students too. Many of the courses here have the option to study part-time so it can be fitted in around work and family commitments, however, most lectures and lessons are fitted in to two full days so it may be beneficial, just to study full time instead and get it finished quicker! For parents there is a childcare facility (nursery) offering childcare for babies and young children up to 5 years. So if you are a stay-at-home mum/dad, all is not lost if you are wanting to continue on your study journey.

So what does the campus offer? Well there’s a 96 seater lecture theatre, fully equipped classrooms and computer suites, a large social area with cafe and quiet study zones as well as gym facilities, beauty salon, restaurant and additional catering outlets. What’s not to like for something small, safe and Peterborough’s little secret (at the moment). If your teenager wants to stay away from home they do have a small selection of housing ranging from 2-5 bedroom flats both nearby on campus and locally within Peterborough giving all students the freedom to start living on their own two feet. (more info at

This last year’s graduates will be attending the Cathedral on 20th September to receive their much-deserved degree certificates, so if you see a host of blue and yellow caped crusaders walking around town… you’ll know why. 🙂 Congratulations to them all.

For more info see the University’s website at or visit on one of their open days.

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