As Peterborough Cathedral rang in its 900th year we were celebrating in Peterborough – all year!

This exciting campaign aimed at attracting more visitors into Peterborough and to showcase Peterborough on a regional and national level. We think it worked as it included such enormous events like ‘Tim Peake’s Spacecraft’ at Peterborough Cathedral along with ‘The Museum of The Moon’ organised by Vivacity and hosted by the Cathedral due to its enormous size and being better indoors to admire. If you didn’t see either of these, please do look through our earlier blogs and take a peek at what you missed in photographs.

There were lots of other events continuing throughout the year with 900 Voices of the Nene, 900 Steps at Haven Wildlife, 900 Pizzas, 900 Free tickets for a ride at Nene Valley Railway along with charity fundraising with the Cathedral Abseil and trying to get 900 Fairies on the Cathedral lawns for Anna’s Hope.

The Peterborough Celebrates campaign was open to everyone. It was a chance to get behind the celebrations and support it in whatever way you’d like.

More than 100 events and activities took place to mark Peterborough Celebrates by schools, community groups, charities and businesses. It’s fantastic what can be achieved when everyone joins in. Take a look at just a few in this video created by Peterborough City Council

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