I took a wander into Peterborough Cathedral Tuesday morning for a look around the #MadeInLockdown.I was expecting a small area, maybe at the back of the cathedral where they would be out the way… but to my surprise I found it in mass and everywhere around the Cathedral!!

Walk down the aisles and you’ll find many artworks of paint, drawings, coiled paper, mosaics, however, you’ll also come across sculpture and materials. Portraits, landscapes, butterflies, trees, glass and so much more!It’s not an ‘art exhibition’ where you need to either be arty or understand art – it’s an exhibition of creation.
Definitely worth the while going in and having a half hour to look round in peaceful surroundings. The exhibition has been worth doing allowing non-artists to also show off what they have created. Take a while to read each piece’s story so you understand why it was created too.

  • Blue wave: This is called ‘Second Wave’ look closely and it’s made up of tiny people! (By Sarah Adam)
  • Long glass: This beautiful piece is made up of recycled mirrors and glass. Each piece is handcut, glued to the mirror and grouted. It is called coming out of the darkness by Karen Mann.
  • Two worlds: This intricate price of artwork is called ‘Multiple Worlds Canvas’ by Elizabeth Cheek.
  • Drag Queen: Called ‘Dolled Up & Locked Down’. Carragh Ruff says, I love drag queens for their glamour and amazing makeup skills”.
  • Tree trunk sculptures: A goblet for the giant, a stump of abundance and the stump of pain. By Jurijus Capaitis when feeling lonely created these ‘empty’ pots.
  • Blanket: Made up of individual blocks there is one block for every month this piece is ‘Creative Musings for 2021’ by Janet Phillip.
  • Multicoloured circle: Kaleidoscope by Kira Nerys. “ I make it up as I go along and let my creativity take over”.
  • House: ‘Haunted House’ by Adam Brough. A model kit that he built during being furloughed in 2020. It was a labour of love which turned out better than I anticipated”. Inspiration came from Bates Motel that he was binge-watching through lockdown.
  • Face sculpture: ‘Just’ A tribute to an aunt and two friends lost during those lockdown times. Created from recycled fabric by Phillips Philips.
    Flower painting: The A-Z of flowers. “My tiny town garden became very important to me during lockdown. As I couldn’t grow everything on my wish list I decided to paint them instead.” Fiona Cumberpatch
  • Butterfly tree: This is ‘butterfly tree of life’ inspired by the butterflies in my garden and their symbolic meaning: pink for heavenly healing, White for peace, Orange for soul, Green for good fortune, Yellow for happiness and Read for powerful Spirit and romance.
  • Tree paintings: Overhang and Shady Walk by Jean Edwards.
  • Two beach/river scenes: Our walks together and remembering the beach by Penny Scrine.

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