So I had a little walk up to the city centre to see, properly, what the inside of Las Iguanas was like and there’s quite a few of you trying it out already I see. Well, what a splash of colour that is in the city centre!!!

Las Iguanas Peterborough restaurant has opened today (14th November 2022) on Church Street next to Cathedral Square. As soon as you go in you are hit by colour – It’s bright all the way through. Sit down and take a selfie in the las Iguanas profile chair, there’s one in every restaurant around the UK, it’s fabulously pretty with all these multicoloured feathers and hummingbirds.

The restaurant does have a similar layout to bills as it used to be but with more intimate smaller tables for you and it has got a nice warm vibe when you walk in, staff who are all brand-new and eager to please, and it’s not too light or too dark for a quiet meal for two or a party group.

There really is lots of colour with some amazing hand-painted murals along the walls. The artist comes and decorates the restaurants all by hand and it gives it a true Latin American feel no matter where you sit.

I spoke to the manager, Andrew, who very happily posed for me, they are looking forward to customers on their first week. I caught them serving up some fabulous cocktails and the food looks great too. I can’t wait to go, I will tell you more about this when I go to eat next week.

So here we are on a wet Wednesday night at Las Iguanas’ official opening (23rd November 2022). To celebrate it’s a very lively evening with show girls in all their sparkling sequins and big smiles and a photo booth for you to have some fun. The restaurant is filled with people enjoying their first taster of food from Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and more as well as slurping up a cocktail or two!

As we checked over the menu, I ordered a cocktail to try… a large double sided list of some wonderful concoctions but I decided on a Berry Colada. Great that I did as it tasted amazing…. a fruity pina colada basically. Malibu with Funkin Strawberry, some blackcurrant, coconut and pineapple, served with a small pineapple wedge, I could have drunk 2 or 3 of those.. Yum! Slurp.

We find it difficult to choose from such a large menu of fabulous sounding dishes, but eventually pick a Grande Nachos to share. Soon in front of us there is a large portion of corn tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, sour cream, guacamole, tomato salsa, pico de gallo salsa and some pink onions (no jalapenos thanks). Deliciously crunchy and very filling with every bite. A nice authentic taste, no soggy crisps and a little tang on the tongue.

Our mains were Burritos which came as 2 large stuffed tortillas, filled with rice, refried beans, crunchy slaw, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, tomato salsa on the side. Very, very filling and value for money. I chose the Fajita Stack and it came with so much meat compared to other restaurants I’ve tried. Chicken breast strips in a mix of spices with sliced onions, peppers. This comes with a side dish of 4 soft warm tortillas, kept warm by a plate, and a side serving of sour cream, grated cheese, guacamole and tomato salsa so I could play building my food wraps. Gorgeous. No jalapenos again, and the dish was really really tasty. So much meat and so filling I couldn’t eat it all. Definitely value for money on this dish, I’d go so far as to say that you could share if you want to eat 2 tortillas each and then finish off the main dish. On the side a nice cup of curly fries, but we really didn’t need them, that space is filling up in our bellies.

Time for afters and with what little room was left it was one portion of Tres Leches Cake to share. A gorgeous no too sweet sponge cake with 3 milks and topped with a sharp winter berry compote, sprinkled with some meringue pieces for sweetness and a sprig of mint. Light and manageable.

A nice atmosphere as there was a lot going on, great tasting food where you don’t really need 3 courses and some fab drinks. Will I go again? yes please! In fact, I can’t wait to try some of the other dishes on the menu like the Argentian Steak, a burger, or even the great sounding Fiesta Esmerelda. And… another go at the cocktail menu when it’s happy hour.

Fabulous – see you soon.

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