If you’re bored with the city centre for walking around why not venture out a little further and get some fresh views of Peterborough to enjoy as your boost your step count and re-energise yourself.

You can walk or park at the Key Theatre for a lovely walk along the embankment. It’s peaceful and it’s quiet, especially early in the morning and you get to see some great sunrises if you are a really early bird. The River Nene embankment starts at the old Customs House and iconic Grain Barge… where you’ll meet the geese, swans and ducks as they accumulate here a lot of the time, definitely for sleeping.  The Weeping Willows have been cut back for the winter, but they still make a nice photograph or two if you like to take pictures like me.

You can walk along the riverside or the normal pathway, your choice, and you’ll also be presented with other barges too which come and go, one day there’ll be just one and others you’ll be inundated with a host of different colours and names to cast your eyes over as you walk past.

The Key Theatre gleams in the sunshine with its glass facade which starts you off on different pathways along the river or into the green if you want a longer walk. If you’re only meandering then continue on your walk to the wonderful Lido in full 1920s style… Walter Cornelious balances on the very top in the shape of a weather vane (if you can make it out) as he attempts his flight over the River…. the gardens here always look nice and tidy and you can do some circles for a few extra steps too. LOL.

Straight ahead and you’ll see you can now use the pedestrian crossing to continue your walk into Bishops Gardens… well cared for and tendered to nearly every day, they’ve had a makeover over the past couple of years with new speckled pathways and seating. You’ll see the first Mayor of Peterborough’s (Henry Pearson Gate) Memorial which was moved from Cathedral Square to here in 1967 minus its drinking fountains and also a commemoration fountain to two soliders who were killed in the Northern Ireland Conflict (Corporal Michael Boddy and Lance Bombardier Stephen Restorick). Walk through and you’ll come across the, was rose-garden, it’s now had a makeover and has no seating currently and not sure if it will be getting any back, but they both look lovely especially in summer when everything is in full boom.

The last area to walk through or look at is just behind the Cathedral on the corner, it’s not very large but it’s like a little wilderness all of its own where the squirrels live along. People add bird feeders to keep them happy too.

And there you go, it’s a small walk which can just give you some chill-out time or get those trainers on and do a powerwalk right up past the Key to the flyover. It’s your choice.

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