Day 8(a): Rain, rain go away, come back another day…. What do you do when it’s raining and miserable in Peterborough? Stay in or go out?

Well here’s a bit of both with Day 8 of 30 Days in May Challenge: Art

Yes, it’s raining 🙁 but at the end of the day everyone has a coat and an umbrella, so don’t stay in and be miserable get out and do something! So today, I took a visit to the Museum to see their art exhibitions. There are two on at the moment and luckily I found one of the Artists having a coffee in Squires. Let’s Meet Tony Nero – local artist – and talk about his exhibition ‘Heritage Places & Spaces‘.

He’s proud to now have his exhibition here at the Museum for everyone to see in the centre of town. The drawings exhibited here were first on show at the Norman Cross Gallery in 2018 featuring some of the Heritage sites and buildings in Peterborough. There is a focus on Norman Cross due to its history of being a Prisoner of War Camp during the Napoleonic War. The exhibition consists of 10 pieces here, whereas the original had 14. However, this is not the end of his project and more work will be added to the collection over the future months ahead.

Tony said, ‘It’s always refreshing, as an artist, going back to your roots and using drawing as a medium. As well as being exciting to produce these pieces, it’s also been a challenge trying hard not to use paint or colour. I was tempted to paint some of them but held back. The body of work was produced in pencils, charcoal and pastels but some of the pieces I felt lend itself to a dash of colour. This was achieved by using pastel and slightly coloured paper. It has been very strange and also a nice change not doing any painting for so many months.”

It’s amazing what you learn also when observing these precious buildings and sites around Peterborough, thinking about what it was like, back in their hey day and also what they are today. There are some beautiful drawings of Peterborough Cathedral, the Guildhall, the Lido and even Thorpe Hall which are all close in everyone’s heart (I think) proud that these buildings still exist for us to see and use today. There are a lot of places in our city that we just walk past and don’t give a thought about, this exhibition lends itself to letting you stop and take a while to look at them.

Tony’s exhibition can be found in Squires Coffee Shop in Peterborough Museum – FREE entry. Be quick before it finishes this weekend.

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